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Welcome to Klinikum Herford

Dear Visitor,

Herford Hospital is one of the most important health facilities in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe [East Westphalia-Lippe] region. In the course of last year, we treated more than 30,500 in-patients.

Our motto is "Herford Hospital - Helping People" and is intended to be understood in two ways. Firstly it describes our main duty, which is to help people in our region with health problems - day and night to the best of our ability.  Secondly, the people who do the helping are the one’s who make the difference.

In spite of the most modern technology, we would be incapable of providing competent help without our staff's extensive experience and intensive training.

Herford Hospital - A Health Network

Many people require help from several different medical specialities. Herford Hospital consists of 21 clinics, institutes and specialised departments, covering almost all areas of medicine.  Herford Hospital is a university teaching hospital attached to Hannover University. We also have a solution for patients who need a treatment we cannot provide ourselves. As part of a health network, we work closely with regional cooperation centres. This means Herford Hospital can guarantee expert health care at all times and over a wide range of specialities - a great advantage for our patients. 

We invest in the future

We strive continuously to improve the range and quality of the services we offer. We recently completed the extension and modernisation of our emergency out-patient facilities. In addition, the new old people's home in the hospital grounds has been opened. This modern old people’s home was built and will be operated by our cooperation partner, the Herford Diakonie Foundation,

A dialysis centre, with an adjoining nephrology practice, is planned in the eastern part of the hospital grounds. In the immediate vicinity and with the close and confidential cooperation of local practising physicians, we are developing the Medical Care Centre (MVZ) of the Hospital. Several specialist practices will be based here, in which out-patients will be treated. This includes clinics for pathology, nuclear medicine and oncology in a general practice.

To ensure that our patients recover better and faster, Herford Hospital plans to renew the front of the tower block in the coming years and to gradually update all nursing wards. The building plans are currently being developed. In the second half of 2015, work on a second parking level is being started. This will provide another 165 parking places. 

Special problems require special solutions

Herford Hospital is a specialised hospital. This means that individual departments and clinics - often organised as centres - have specialised in the treatment of individual conditions and treat a large number of patients every year. Herford Hospital is the leading centre in the region for cancer - both for in-patients and for out-patients. We also have specialist departments for cardiology and abdominal surgery. A certified special ward in the Neurology Clinic treats stroke patients (stroke unit). The Perinatal Department treats sick new born babies in accordance with the highest quality requirements of the General Federal Committee (G-BA). A special department also deals with unexplained cases of infection. 

Our health system demands that specialised departments work to very high quality, which is regularly checked by the health insurance companies and official agencies. For example, this means that we must demonstrate how many patients have been treated in specialised clinics, ensure that the technical equipment is appropriate and that the structural requirements are met. Moreover, Herford Hospital must guarantee the experience and qualifications of its staff members. 

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